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In European Dialogue on UN Decade

European Sustainability Week

20 until 25.09.2022

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ResidenZ scholarship program - Time for the future

RCE Szczecin Lagoon

This was our European Sustainability Week 2022 and the exchange with Portugal "Time for Future" at the World Acre:
(subtitles to follow).

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The European Sustainability Week in our region

Together with our partners we have organized 6 days of exciting and diverse program in Rothenklempenow as part of the European Week of Sustainability! Together CoWorking, free workshops, excursions, discussions, networking and great events to participate in, around the topic of climate, food, water, forest and our possibilities. Also in 2023 we plan to host the EU Week at our place 20. - 26.09.2023.

Our world acre future 2000m2

Surface buffet
If we divide the arable land of this world by the number of its inhabitants, this results in about 2000 m² per person. Everything we consume has to grow on this area.

Since 2017, the World Acre has been recognized as a project for the United Nations University Education for Sustainable Development. The farm community Pomerania and the BioBoden cooperative, have initiated the Rothenklempenower, as one of many in the world. Click here for the project page.

World Acreage Patterships

Already for an amount of 20 € you can take over a one-year sponsorship for a square meter of World Plot 2023.

Transfer your sponsorship contribution (minimum 20 €)

Association Education for Sustainable Development Stettiner Haff (BINES) e.V.
BIC: GENODEM1GLS, Bank: GLS Bank, Intended purpose: Future 2000m2 Donation

Outstanding flagship project 2021 goes to the RCE Szczecin Lagoon

With the pilot project "ResidenZukunft - Time for future" the International RCE Award goes to the network at the Szczecin Lagoon.

2021 RCE Awards for Innovative Projects in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Launched in 2012, the RCE Award recognizes ESD projects and programs within the global RCE network and honors RCEs that have made outstanding contributions to addressing local sustainable development challenges in their regions.

The award recognizes projects and programs that bridge local and global perspectives on sustainable development, engage in transformative learning and research, and initiatives that contribute to community engagement, research and development, and capacity building of stakeholders and partners.

The winners of the 2021 RCE Awards, presented at the 12th Global RCE Conference held online November 16-18, 2021, included projects on the SDGs and topics such as climate policy, curriculum development, waste, agriculture, responsible consumption and production, traditional knowledge, sustainable cities and communities, and quality education. Award winners were recognized in three categories: (1) Outstanding Flagship Project, (2) Recognized Flagship Project, and (3) Honorable Mention.

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RCE Szczecin Lagoon

RCE Szczecin Lagoon Regional Centre of Expertise on ESD (RCE) was founded in 2017 after the region south of the Szczecin Lagoon was designated as a recognized Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development by the United Nations University. This makes it the first RCE in eastern Germany and, like the other six German networks, it is dedicated to education for sustainable development (ESD).

From sustainable production to the plate

The argument for industrial agricultural production is that we need to feed as many people as possible. But the farmers of the Bioboden cooperative, founded in 2009, focus on environmentally friendly agriculture, nature conservation and species protection. They work with start-ups to modernize agriculture and make it more attractive.

The contribution of Deutsche Welle

Vision of the RCE Szczecin Lagoon

The cooperation is based on a common vision of education for sustainable development. This vision focuses on regional problems and challenges in the context of education, sustainability and regional development.