Activities of the RCE

Our aim is to focus on traditional knowledge and expertise and combine it with global expertise and wisdom to enable formal and informal institutions and individuals to act on sustainable development goals in the regional context. Ecotourism and local healthy consumption are the strategy to help the region preserve nature in a politically challenging area.

Educational formats:

Development of new educational offers learning from nature on the world acre, expansion of the successful concept, development of new models for universities and schools, scholarship program for sustainable development ResidenZ

Dialogue formats:

Events to raise awareness of ESD and the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals: European Sustainability Week / Sustainability Action Days, ESD expert dialogue, seminars with practical relevance and theoretical learning units.

Networking formats: Meetings of all German RCEs, networking meetings and exchanges: AgroCura - harvesting conversations that matter at Import Projects, Leadership Festival 2019, LPG Alumni Cafe.
Landscape Walks for the UN - Decade Goal Achievement.

European exchange program "Time for Future" for education via Erasmus +

Research and development projects:

for sustainable development and education for sustainable development

Reallabor System Anlayse Agriculture and Pilot Pathway Rewilding.