Report on the expansion of the World Acre Exhibition and the year 2021

The year is coming to an end and we are successfully completing the project and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the helpers and supporters, especially all the residents from the ResidenZukunft scholarship programme. The new World Acre now has new and exciting educational stations and finally a guidance system that makes the 2000 m² visible.

It is particularly valuable that visitors can move through the exhibition self-explanatorily without a guide thanks to the guidance system. In addition, the 2000 m² can now be better recognised and the meat station right at the beginning with a life-size cow attracts especially the children, as we had wished. Returning visitors praised the new information, which provides playful information such as the waste station.

In the course of the project , 90% was completed by June and the rest, such as the weather protection for the ground station, only after the season. We were now able to purchase the root window, including building instructions, which will be a highlight in 2022. Some items were more expensive and others cheaper, and thanks to the support of the Pomeranian Farm Community, which made this project possible from the beginning, everything could be built. It was challenging that we were not able to test any workshops or new formats due to the pandemic, so there were no regular events, courses or a grand opening. Nevertheless, we were able to inspire many people.

The following events brought more than 900 visitors:
Despite the great challenges posed by the Corona pandemic, together with our close partners from Rothenklempenow and the RCE Stettiner Haff, we were able to attract more people to the World Acre than expected due to the difficult situation:

21.06.2021 Unveiling of the LPG administration memorial and laying of the foundation stone for the Weltackerhaus. After we had looked back into the past with former LPG employees together with Bettina Martin, we laid the foundation stone of the new World Acre House together for the future. 35 people were present.

On 29.06.2021, especially all the people online were allowed to watch as the ResidenZ programme came to a close. For the first time, the new herb mound was inaugurated for a panel discussion. "Question Mark Talks" - with Jörn Mothes (State Chancellery), project leader Tobias Till Keye and Theresia Crone from Fridays for Future. A central element of the event was the guided tour through the new educational stations, which gave the online audience (30) and the people on site (35) an insight into the new exhibition. Click here to watch a short video about the pilot project where the new exhibition Weltacker becomes visible.

On 07 and 08 August 2021, the partner of the World Acre, Tlaxcalli, invited its community and inaugurated the traditional earth oven together with the Tlyolan Association and presented the World Acre. They also presented, among other things, "Milpa", a traditional way of cultivation. About 50 people were there for two days.

The11.09.2021 became the decisive date on which we were able to count over 400 guests from the region with the Mexico-Vorpommern Harvest Festival. On the same day, there were not only guided tours of the world field, but also various workshops and the topping-out ceremony of the new world field house for seminars and kitchen productions.
Here is a short video about the harvest festival.

On 30 September 2021, in cooperation with the Initiative Standort Malchin (Moorbauer), an expert landscape walk on the subject of moorland was followed by an evening of moorland songs. 30 people listened to the journey into the moor right next to the world field in the old market garden.

In addition, 40 teachers from Malchin were guests, 40 children from Berlin for a week of climate camp, the entire school (40 pupils) from Mewegen in the neighbouring town, the Rothenklempenow day-care centre and a special class (15) from Löcknitz. In addition, there were two groups from all over Germany for further education and training, which together numbered over 50 people. Furthermore, all day visitors to the farm shop or guests of Landvergnügen (over 50 guests) and guests of Rothenklempenow as a place of the future (Netzwerk Zukunftsorte, Taz Reisen /Neulandgewinner Reisen) etc. are difficult to count and are increasing.

All in all, the place has gained in attractiveness and we are very grateful to be able to offer an exciting path and place in the region, which will still be enjoyed by many groups, visitors and people.

For the continuation of the Weltacker project, the time has now come when an education advisor and gardener are needed to make the whole thing more accessible for schools and other groups as well as visitors from Szczecin. In combination with the World Acre House, which will be completed in 2022, and the surrounding farm and farm shop, as well as overnight accommodation in the village, the World Acre site has the potential to become a place of learning for education and for sustainable development/future design.

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