European Sustainability Week Rothenklempenow

That was Sustainability Week 2022:

What a program! Theater, cinema, conferences, even on the Internet you could follow what was going on between September 20 and 25 in Rothenklempenow. After the opening by Bettina Martin, on the Day of Possibilities the theater troupe vollehalle gave us courage for the challenges to come with their climate show. On the Day of Nature we got insight into the activities of Rewilding Oder Delta and the Nature Park Am Stettiner Haff in different presentations. On the Day of Village Shops, the film "Everything it takes" was shown. In the subsequent discussion with filmmaker Antje Hubert, the audience engaged in a lively debate about the value of common meeting places in the village. On the day of the community was treated above all however the Reidenzprogramm, as emphasis, which is to be continued 2023 as well as the Euorpäische lastingness week. The Portuguese delegation from Odemira and the surrounding area enjoyed the contributions and excursions and some concrete ideas and deepened contacts have emerged. For example, a World Acre and ResidenZ program is now to be established in Portugal. All in all, a week for more sustainability in many areas and with over 300 visitors, a great networking of stakeholders. 

We thank you for the active participation, all the support for this great and exciting week. Every day was unique and so many different people came together to talk, learn and do together about the pressing issues of our time.
Special thanks to the Postcode Lottery Foundation, NUE Foundation as well as the Erasmus + program of the EU.

Here are the impressions photographed by Brais Palmas and a video documentation about the week and "Time for Future", the exchange with the region Odemira Portugal.

A week for sustainable development in Rothenklempenow for our region, with guests from Portugal and Poland. Together with many partners we want to move current issues, share knowledge and make!

Come by and be a part of it, days together, eating, inspiring each other and coworking.

Registration now for single days, the whole week or only single workshops. You can take your work with you and use it in the CoWorking Internet and participate in the free workshops and events. If you need translation, please note this in your registration. Accommodation is available at or or you can use our camper sites or register for camping.

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Current program:

Every day world arable tours are available. more info Go directly to the live zooms or livestream here.

Tuesday 20.09. Day of opportunities
Culture barn, Hofstr 7

18:30 Admission and reception, info tables of the initiatives and networking.
19:30 VolleHalle - the climate show that gives courage!

Welcome and opening with Bettina Martin (Minister for Science, Culture, Federal and European Affairs of the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) of the week afterwards full hall - the climate show that gives courage
What can you do alone against the climate crisis? Stop being alone!
Under this motto vollehalle dedicates itself in an entertaining and humorous way to the focus of the climate crisis and the associated social conflicts and solutions - with novel stage formats consisting of theater, media and lecture elements.


Wednesday 21.09. Nature Day
Castle, Schloßstr. 2

13:30 Presentation of Rewilding Or Delta; Peter Torkler - Team Leader

14:00 Lecture & discussion Rivers and People; Nancy Wolf, Project Manager Water Protection, Rewilding Oder Delta.

15:00 Lecture & discussion Return of Wildlife; Wiebke Brenner, Project Officer Species Protection, Rewilding Oder Delta.

16:00 Nature activities with the Nature Park at the Szczecin Lagoon ; Heike von Schilling - deputy nature park manager - Nature Park at the Szczecin Lagoon
18:00 Presentation Nature Conservation and Nature Tourism; Suleika Suntken, Enterprise Manager and Frank Götz-Schlingmann, Network Coordinator
19:00 Opening photo exhibition "Our Nature - Szczecin Lagoon"; by Braise Palmás, presented by Peter Torkler - Team Leader - Rewilding Oder Delta

For the physical well-being is provided.

-> with simultaneous Polish translation on request


Thursday 22.09. Day of the village shops
Farm store and Weltacker House, Dorfstr. 56

16:00 Coffee chat with Neulandgewinner:innen (Live via Zoomlink)

A conversation and exchange with Neulandgewinner Frank Götz-Schlingmann and Tobias Till Keye about the network, the programs and projects over coffee and cake.

6:30 p.m. Discussion with filmmaker Antje Hubert "Where have our village stores gone?"

8:00 p.m. World Acre Cinema: "Everything you need" followed by discussion "what chances do village stores have in the future".

Everything You Need is a documentary from 2021 by Antje Hubert. In her documentary, the filmmaker examines how much (or how little) is really necessary for a good life, using several small shopkeepers as islands in the great consumption.
Followed by discussion on "What chances do village shops have for our future?"


Friday 23.09. Community Day
Castle, Castle St. 2

11:00 Initiative Zukunftshandeln (Roadshow): Livestream, (link follows)

Presentation of the departure paper of the Future Council Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, dialogue about further action and opportunities to participate (partners can register on the platform on site)

13:00 Common meal (free of charge for participants)

15:00 - 18:00 Barcamp: Our future, our region

In the barcamp, the diverse visions in the departure paper will be with the help of the Barcamp format to our region and partners. Moderation: Karoline Iwa

-> Polish translation possible please register.


Saturday 24.09. Nutrition Day

Within the framework of the Bio-Landpartie and EU Climate Pact Satellite Event
World Acre Area, Dorfstr. 56

10:00 to 17:00 Tasting farm shop, information booths, straw trampoline for children
10:00 to 17:00 Mobile cidery

Apples and also pears possible, clean bottles gladly bring yourself, please register under: Frank Hoffmann 01773384237)

10:00 to 12:00 "How to become a place of the future - the example of Rothenklempenow? "

Presentation Future Places and Dialogue with Julia Paaß, from - Netzwerk Zukunftsorte im Weltacker Haus

11:00 World Acre Guided Tour, with Pablo Melotta from RCE Szczecin Lagoon.

14:00 to 16:30 World farm, farm and village tours

On the tower above the local museum, the food start ups Tlaxcalli and Planet V as well as the Höfegemeinschaft Pommern, BioBoden Genossenschaft, Rewilding Oder Delta and RCE Stettiner Haff and its projects with partners will be presented. The tour starts and ends at the Weltacker (with Polish and English translation on request)

14:00 to 17:00 Various workshops (see below): World Acre House and World Acre

17:00 Panel Discussion: The Future of World Food Supply ( Livestream here)

Two food systems (Germany and Portugal) meet with a focus on water. Participants include Fatima Teixeira,(Tamera - Peace Research Center/Juntos pelo Sudoeste - Initiative for Water), Antonio Fernandes Nascimento, (Municipality and Cultural Association Algoceira), Anja Henckel, Jardim do Mira / Mercado Mira, Felix Grünziger, Foodtogether (angerfagt), and Bendikt Härlin, Weltackererfinder.

17:00 FUSO Films from the region by young people for young people

Different films by young people from the region will be shown, all on the theme of sustainability by Nave Randow e.V.

19:00 World Acre Cinema: "10 billion - How will we all be fed?" (2015) followed by a discussion with filmmaker Valentin Thurn.
-> Polish translation possible, please register.

Workshops 2 to 5 p.m.
2:00 p.m. - Nutrition for You and the Environment
, with Roos Versteeg of wild.moving,

The cook and nutritionist Roos Versteeg offers a workshop on healthy eating. The concept of healthy nutrition is thought so broadly that the entire chain from field to plate is included. Together we will explore the question of how I can eat healthily so that the earth also remains healthy. Because healthy food can only grow on a healthy earth. There are numerous possibilities for each individual to promote sustainable health for the earth as well as for oneself. In this workshop we want to explore these possibilities in detail. We will do this, of course, in the kitchen, the place where it all comes together, while preparing a delicious plant-based meal. Afterwards we will eat together.

15:00 - Edible insects: why and how? and how? with Nicole Sartirani from Mikro Kosmos,

MikroKosmos is a "growtainer" of ideas and projects dealing with the topic of insects to bridge the gap between disgust and fear. We create new fields of interaction to arouse consumer curiosity about edible insects and to inform about the nutritional and environmental value of insects. In addition to our street food stand in Berlin, we create new communication and educational contexts through our restaurants (Reichenbergerstr 122), workshops, event talks and many other activities. In the workshop you can learn how to breed insects yourself. Are you interested?

16.00 - Make your own oat milk, with Swenja Rosenwinkel from Kornwerk,

Kornwerk works with old varieties, which were also grown in Rothenklempenow. Together they teach how Kornwerk works and how to make milk from oats.

16:00- Harvest despite drought? with Uta Zahn from organic gardening Dandelion. (outdoor)

Everyone is like that. Too little water. But how can I still harvest in the future? This is explained and discussed on the basis of the world tiller and the nursery.

We ask for registration for the
workshops at:


25.09. Day of actions (Sunday)

10:00 Exchange about the ResidenZ-Program (Live! here to the zoom link)

Presentation and discussion with contributions on water in agribusiness and regional development in the Odemira region, Portugal:

10:30 The water situation and agriculture and regional development. A dialogue :between Diogo Coutinho, Claralab for Rural Areas and Guardiões do Mira, Raquel Vivente E Silva, Councilwoman Odemira, Mariana Dias Coutinho, Claralab for Rural Areas.

11:10 Time for Future - Announcement Prototype European ResidenZ Program with Tobias Keye, RCE Szczecin Lagoon and Anja Henckel, Jardim do Mira.

12:30 Lunch together (free of charge for workshop participants)

14:00 Excursion forestry and water

in Rothenklempenow, with Torsten Dinse, Landschaftspflegeverbandes "Region Odermündung" e. V. and afterwards Klotzbeuten-Workshop in the world forest, with Bernd Schock: Tree cavities for honey bees and ecosystem services

Zeidlerei with tree cavities for honey bees
Workshop honey bees in your natural tree hollows habitats in the forest and meadows. 
We show how the prepare the installed log hives on the world acre and in the world forest for honey bees to move in.
Together we contribute to biodiversity with your species and variety diversity in the forests and meadows of Mecklenburg Vorpommern and revive the world heritage of Zeidlerei.  

18:30 Cattle and climate? - Dialogue at the pasture burger with Heike Kühner, Höfegemeinschaft Pommern
-> Polish translation possible please register.

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