Farming means more than agriculture.

Scholarship programme ResidenZ, for future-oriented research and practice
The scholarship programme will be publicly announced on Sunday, 06 October in Rothenklempenow as part of the Leadership Festival. Details under
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We are looking for your answer for our future!
The regional competence centres act as an umbrella network. Starting in spring 2020, three scholarship holders will follow three of the region’s most pressing questions on social, economic and ecological topics for six months. The pilot will focus on the historic northern German village of Rothenklempenow and the Stettiner Haff region. Within this framework, three people from different backgrounds are invited to research and develop realistic and comprehensive prototypes on site in order to overcome the relevant challenges in the region. The three candidates will be selected on the basis of an online application procedure and a jury decision in the subsequent selection procedure.

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Leadership Festival is an international event gathering global visionaries and capturing the interest of an audience committed to a leadership from abundance. This year’s edition has been developed by a global collective with a wide range of backgrounds in co-creation based on Theory U as part of Societal Transformation Lab, by Presencing Institute. We made a promise to each other to help co-manifest and co-shape the new paradigm(s) of leadership, which are emerging both globally and locally.

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opening of the sculpture Mother Natur in the forest of Mewegen, Rothenklemenow

Day of the Biolandpartie and new land winner day
11 o’clock
Village in Transition Leadership
Agriculture, processing and farm shop are shown including the exhibition 750 years Rothenklempenow. The guided tour will show you the scope of the local, regional and global activities and the connections with the locally anchored and practice-oriented transformation work.
world agricultural dialogue
Mrs. Blümel gives insights into her respectable time as LPG chairwoman, at the GDR pioneer location of agriculture, meeting point for executives and showcase location for special guests. We invited worldwalker and architect Peter Anders to take us on a journey through divided Berlin from the perspective of a taxi-driving student to India. He shares his knowledge of the local-global interfaces and, on the basis of Auroville, the challenges and solutions of the ‘experiment of a learning society’ awarded by UNESCO with the vision of the international ‘city of the future’.
In addition, the interactive exhibition ‘Village in Transition’ sheds light on the 750 years of local agricultural history.
Village in Transition Leadership
will show you the scope of the local, regional and global activities and the connections with the locally anchored and practice-oriented transformation work.
The ‘ResidenZukunft’ scholarship programme will be announced in autumn as a new land winner. In view of the increasing impulses of changes in society as a whole, three scholarship holders will be able to research and test new forms of work, organisation and business.

With the support of ModEm – Mobile democratic empowerment for rural areas

On September 20, day of the global climate strike we will demonstrate together with our partners and freinds in Berlin. Squares of acre material, the artwork acreart of Schloß Bröllin is being a walk for making our soil more visible.

come and join: RCE Stettiner Haff, Project N – network for sustainable development, Actions for Future, BioBoden, Tlaxcalli, LunchVegaz, GLS Bank and everyone at Brandenburger Tor at 11 am.

The following day we will have guided tours through the village in transition Rothenklempenow and dialogues on the global field.

Under the theme of ‘Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, and Food Security’, twelve RCEs from ten countries gathered in Heraklion, Greece for the European Regional RCE Meeting 2019, held from 13-14 September, 2019.

Hosted by RCE Crete with the support of the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS), this year’s regional meeting was held in conjunction with the final project meeting of RCE Crete’s Erasmus project – Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, and Food Security (CCSAFS) – a Master’s course development project initiated by RCE Crete and piloted by universities in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. This meeting marked the first occasion where an RCE Regional Meeting has been held in conjunction with a project meeting from an EU-funded RCE project.
RCE network´s article

The history of the village dates back to the Middle Ages and is closely linked to the noble family of the Eickstedts, who owned the estate from 1269 to 1928. The name Rothenklempenow was not given to the village until 1689.
In the exhibition historical events become comprehensible. Contemporary witnesses tell about the historical connections and the phases the village experienced.

Students of Cusanus University and trainees of GLS Bank are in exchange through this workshop and think about the following questions: How can founders meet the demands of the Fridays for Future movement? What kind of business does it take?
These and similar questions we go on Thursday in a workshop discussion with Tlaxcalli, LunchVegaz, Farmers for Future and Höfegemeinschaft Pommern.

Friday 31 May 2019
Children’s day on the Weltacker at Fridays for Futur

11:00 – 15:00 Children Introduction to the 17 sustainability goals, guided tour of the world field and planting campaign. Then a make-up workshop (make up yourself and make up) and baking bread.
Weltacker and full hall
during the day between 11-15 o’clock
 there is program on the Weltacker, fun for all
On 2000 m² in the village Rothenklempenow, the seat of the BioBoden Genossenschaft and the Höfegemeinschaft Pommern, from A like acre bean to Z like zucchini various cultures of the global cultivated area are planted.
The visitors can experience how large 2000 m² are and experience what we grow and consume in the world,
Vollehalle – the climate show that gives courage

18:30 Admission
 19:00 – 20:00 hrs with subsequent discussion and meal offer
Full hall, the climate show that encourages. What can you do ALONE against climate change? Let us be entertained and be entertained. Instead of frustration at climate change.

HALLE AM WELTACKER Height Dorfstr. 38
Afterwards there will be food and drinks from our own production – we will end the evening with the OSTMOST Party Bus at Lake Rothenklempenow.

full hall – the climate show, which encourages
What can be done about climate change alone? Stop being alone. Maren Kling, Michael Bukowski, Martin Oetting and Kai Schächtele are making full use of this opportunity – the climate change show and initiative that is fun and encouraging. The show presents makers and pioneers who break new ground and inspire the audience to act in their own lives. Instead of frustration at climate change, vollehalle creates a desire for constructive change. vollehalle is for all those who no longer want to let themselves be affected by climate change. The show format combines theatre, media and lecture elements.
What’s the show about?
We still tell ourselves the prospect of averting climate change as a story of prohibition and renunciation. We can’t get any further with that. We need a new, positive narrative. And there is. Hopeful stories from people who have long since got started, developed new possibilities and seized new opportunities. These doers and pioneers bring full hall into the limelight. Because they show what constructive paths we can take. And they create confidence. The vollehalle team films and interviews the protagonists presented in the show.

Wednesday 05. June 2019
DAY OF THE ENVIRONMENT in the nature park at the Szczecin Lagoon
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Thursday 06 June 2019
Workshop non-violent communication
 with Sophie Bayerlein
In the castle hall at 15-15:45 please

Wild herbs and nutrition tour
with graduate nutritionist Rozalia Kind and Uta Zahn