The future is NOW. RothenklempeNOW is an initiative for future action in the community of Rothenklempenow and unites all stakeholders in the community.

The Weltacker in Rothenklempenow is a real place of the future because ...

"In addition to our basic criteria for Zukunftsorte, such as activating vacancies, living & working locally and creating open meeting places, the RothenklempeNOW is a highly impressive lighthouse project because it so successfully combines urban with rural culture. Jobs have been created, numerous young start-ups have settled in and around the farms and the bond with the mayor and the village is strongly positive. Numerous fresh impulses for innovative regional development are persistently sown in the Pomeranian region."

The village of Rothenklempenow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has become the center of a lively sustainability scene, creating learning opportunities, jobs and spaces for organic farming. Some write of the "insider tip of the organic food scene," others speak of the "start-up village.

The Pomeranian farm community was able to secure its soils for organic farming through the BioBoden cooperative. Since then, the farm has become much more integrated in the region, higher organic standards have been achieved and people from the surrounding villages have been employed. In addition, the Höfegemeinschaft Pommern also offers events on the topic of agriculture and sustainability for businesses and educational institutions. Their focus is on a lively exchange with and involvement of local residents who have knowledge about agriculture. Through the impulses and projects like the Weltacker Zukunft 2000m2, a lively sustainability scene has developed around the Weltacker and the farm and is attracting more and more social enterprises and initiatives to Rothenklempenow. These join forces and become Initiative RothenklempeNOW.

The actors meet monthly for the open regulars' table "Bergfest", each at a different location. There is also an open chat group for this

Offers in Rothenklemepenow
museum of local history and gate gallery
farm store with full assortment from the region
gastronomy and overnight stays
CoWorking, Co-Living, guided tours
world field future 2000m2

Settled initiatives and enterprises:
Höfegemeinschaft Pommern GmbH
BioBoden Genossenschaft e.G
Tlaxcalli GmbH Bio Manufaktur für Tortillas
Planet V GmbH Bio Manufaktur für vegane Gerichte
Projekt N - Agentur für nachhaltige Entwicklung org
RCE Stettiner Haff - Regional Centre of Competence Szczecin Lagoon of the United Nations University
Rewilding Oder Delta
Projekt Geh Mit! Aufsuchende Bildung Arbeit und Leben e.V.
Emilie Janrell - Fashion
Embassy of Empathy - Music Studio

Other players in the village:
Volunteer fire brigade, local history museum, pottery, carpentry, decoration barn, fishing club, shooting club, Volksolidarität

RothenklempeNEWS - Newsletter for the village

The UniDorf in Rothenklempenow 2019 has found out among various results that the inhabitants of Rothenklempenow would like to have more communication and exchange / know about each other. The project GEH MIT! of Arbeit und Leben in cooperation with the project RothenklempeNOW of the RCE Stettiner Haff have followed the recommendation and regularly publish the small newsletter "RothenklempeNEWS".

here the issues as PDF for download:
RothenklempeNEWS February 2022

RothenklempeNEWS April 2022

RothenklempeNEWS July 2022

RothenklempeNEWS November 2022

Initiative Future Action "RothenklempeNOW"
c/o RCE Stettiner Haff
Schloßstr. 2
17321 Rothenklempenow

We are part of the initiative Zukunftshandeln MV

A program for the future of MV

The Initiative Zukunftshandeln MV emerged from the MV Future Council, but goes further than that! As a civil society platform, we appropriate the Future Program.