Presentation of the ResidenZukunft pilot project

Live stream

From 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday 29.06.2021, we will be broadcasting LIVE from the Weltacker in Rothenklempenow. 


Programme Live broadcast Pilot project "ResidenZukunft

10:00 Welcome - Moderation by Kai Schächtele, journalist and moderator

Rainer Schulze, Mayor of Rothenklempenow

Götz Lehmann, GEH MIT! Arbeit und Leben e.V.

Philip Vaughter, United Nations University - Video message

10:15 a.m. Presentation of the Global Network of RCEs - Video

Speech by Angela Merkel at the UN Decade Launch - Video

10:30 a.m. Presentation of the pilot project - Tobias Till Keye, Project Manager

O -tones from friends and supporters:

Andreas Willisch, Director of the Thünen Institute for Regional Development - Video message

Jochen Elberskirch, Nature Park at the Szczecin Lagoon - Video message

Jan Köpper, GLS Bank - Live feed

11:15 Presentation of the ResidenZ results

                             On the basis of the new educational stations on the world acre

ResidenZ Education - Pablo Melotta

ResidenZ Seeds - Ike Engelbrecht-Bock

ResidenZ Building - Malte von Viehbein

12:30 p.m. How can we go on?

                              Panel discussion under the question mark with:

Jörn Mothes from the State Chancellery Basic Issues of the Future in MV, Theresia Crone from Fridays for Future (connected), Uwe Greff

from the BioBoden cooperative and the project manager Tobias Till Keye

13:30 Acknowledgements and conclusion

                             with food, drink and music, optionally followed by a guided tour of Rothenklempenow

Directions: Weltacker, Dorfstr 56, 17321 Rothenklempenow

This is the prelude to the establishment of a digital platform, through the GEH MIT project.