Acker Tour

The best opportunity to experience the world arable is to take part in a guided arable tour.tour. Adapted from key topics in school lessons, groups of visitors learn in a the connections between food, soil and the agricultural system in a 1½-hour guided tour. agricultural system.

At corresponding educational stations, backgrounds are explained and discussed together. discussed. In order to reflect on the experience gained, the participants solve a task after the and discuss the results with the group. For elementary school students This part of the program can take the form of a guided game.

Surface buffet

If there is sufficient interest, a guided tour of the organic farm of the Landgesellschaft Rothenklempenow with into the programme included in the programme be included in the programme. A visit of the former in the historic centre of the village, including the local history museum and the fishing tower. possible. We are very flexible with regard to the time, duration and content of your and content and are happy to meet your needs. Simply let us know when you and we will find a way to take them into account!

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