Internship in the world field

In July 2022, our world acre received active support from the university in Nancy: Greta Klotzki, who is studying social sciences at the campus there, completed her social and citizenship internship in Rothenklempenow. For four weeks, she worked for this partly on the farm of the Landgesellschaft Rothenklempenow and partly for the RCE Stettiner Haff. She supported us at educational events and seminars, helped our farmer Uta Zahn with the management of the World Acre, accompanied Pablo on several poster tours and generally contributed everywhere with a lot of joy and commitment. The Weltacker team thanks Greta for her commitment and wishes her all the best and success for the future!

Greta Klotzki documented her experiences in Rotheklempenow in an internship report, exploring the question of the extent to which policies and decisions like the UN's 2030 Agenda on ESD can reach people at all. The full report can be read here: Field report - from the lecture hall to the field. A politics student talks about climate protection, education and realpolitik in Rothenklempenow.

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